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Marketing & Films

Marketing & Films

Marketing and Movie Production

The filming and advertising industry has included the perspective of a drone for a while now. Most bigger movie production firms hire drone pilots on project basis or with permanent full- or half-tim contracts. In this Segment you´ll learn whats required to swim with the big fishes.

Areas of application:

  • Film Production
  • Movie Production
  • Advertisement
  • Documentations


  • High quality Video recordings
  • Raw Data Handling
  • ND-Filtered Footage
  • Slow Motion and Hyperlaps
  • Common Scenes to create different emotions

We also train drone pilots for this segment.
The next training series for this segment start in January 2022.

If you would like to book a course as a pilot, please contact us:

droneLIONS Academy
by nicopter GmbH
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8247 Flurlingen
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